Victory Motorcycles Mobile App

Recently I have been reading articles at Biker Monkey Blog about maps for the road. Biker Monkey our good friend, has showed quick, easy and effective ways of adding new routes to your smart phone. After doing some research online to improve your riding experience even more, I have found a cool application for your mobile. Take your ride to the next level with Victory Motorcycles mobile application. Let’s grade the app, 100 is the best score.

First look at the app.

  1. It shows weather for your location. +5
  2. Uses Google Maps (traffic, winds, temperature, map view or satellite view). +15
  3. Shows Local Dealers of Victory Motorcycles. +5
  4. Services can be sorted as a list, Gas stations, Restaurants, Hotels / Motels, Victory Motorcycle Services. +20
  5. Add new routes. +5
  6. Allows tracking of your road, or you can view the map of your road. +15
  7. Plan a route with way points, from A to B. +20
  8. Search the Region for anything from point 4. +10

Over all a score of 95 points!

It is a great application if you have unlimited internet data on your monthly plan. That is the only con that I could think of right now. I have tested the application on iPhone 5 and Samsung S3 (Android) both it worked perfect. Only on the Samsung S3 it opened the app faster and it was working quicker than on the iPhone 5.

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

Victory Motorcycle Mobile Application

Over 30,000 Vega Helmets Recalled

Vega Helmet Corp. is recalling more than 30,000 XTS motorcycle helmets after doing a test and found that some did not meet crash protection safety standards. NHTSA said that people using the helmets may not be protected in a crash. The recall will start in January. NHTSA has told Vega that 4 extra large helmets didn’t meet the safety standards when tested this year. The company started to investigate and found that the helmets fell out of compliance partially due to changes in models shell design. Vega has no stats so far as to how many helmets will be recalled, so they did the right thing and recalled all of them.

Vega Helmet

Vega Helmet

2012 eBikerLeather Blog Stats

The 5 months that our blog was up went by very fast. We are taking this time to Thank Everyone for following eBikerLeather Blog. Check out our stats below, next year we hope to do full year and receive better stats then we have received in 2012. Stay connected with us, on the latest news, events, videos, pictures, and much more from around the world.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 12,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 20 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Biker Chicks

As you have noticed we have not been keeping up with our regular postings on the blog. It is hard to keep up with everything that is going on now, with the holidays. I will try to do my best in updating the blog more than once a day after new year’s. Each Friday we were supposed to add a biker chick of the week. However, we have missed 2 Fridays already, and this is the last Friday in 2012! It is time to catch up with our biker chicks.

Biker Chick Gwenda

Our first biker chick of the week is Gwenda with her 2005  chopper / bobber, SnS 113ci. She loves her baby; on the second picture we have Gwenda and her good buddy Nick.

GwendaGwenda and Nick

Biker Chick Little Wing

Our second biker  chick of the week is Little Wing. She is the president of 5280 Ladies, and send everyone big hugs.

Diva Calendar Pose Riding back from Pismo Beach 082711


Biker Chick Heather

Our third biker chick of the week is Heather from Denver, Co. Her passion is riding, and 2002 Harley Road King. She has been riding for over 30 years!


Thank you ladies for submitting your pictures to!

Keep a Mechanic on Speed Dial: Tips for Motorcycle-Repair Projects

Guest Post by: Joe Hurley

Clear out the garage, break out your grease-stained work shirt and settle in — it’s time to restore your bike. Whether rebuilding the engine, replacing a spark plug or simply changing a tire, working on a motorcycle requires your full attention. You may be the only one turning the wrench, but you’re not alone as you fix up your bike. Take advantage of tools, resources and tips to help you as you fix up your ride. With the right help, you’ll be turning heads as you cruise down the road on your self-improved motorcycle.

Shop Online

Before you start stripping bolts and loosening screws, you’ll need the replacement parts necessary to restore your engine. Previous generations were limited to the auto store and scrap yard to search for new parts, but the 21st century brought a whole-new parts dealer: the Internet. Filled with platforms to find great deals on any make an model, online shopping reduces the hassle and expense of finding your motorcycle. If looking for Honda motorcycle parts, check Craigslist for deals in your area, eBay to find a steal through an auction or dozens of online stores dedicated to find any part you need.

Take Pictures

It seems that the laws of personal vehicle mechanics dictate that a disassembled part will not be properly reassembled on the first attempt. This apparent reality has frustrated ambitious motorists since the dawn of internal combustion, but technology affords us a backup to the mental picture we take before embarking on a restoration project. Take pictures as you disassemble parts. When it’s time to put your bike back together, a digital copy will fill in the assembly holes that your memory can’t.

Use Resources

The thrill of taking on a restoration project is enough to make any self-taught mechanic lock himself in the garage until the engine is running in peak form. Motorcycle repair isn’t easy, and pride can deter eager riders from hitting the road.

Instead of sentencing yourself to an afternoon of frustration, collect a diverse set of references in case the repair (or engine) sputters. Online motorcycle forums contain first-person discussions of projects, and you may be able to gain insights from fellow riders that have completed similar projects. Pick a local mechanic’s brain before starting your project. His insight could save you time and money, and a phone call could save you hours of struggle.

Clean the Bike

Most of the time, a motorcycle-restoration project is meant to improve the bikes performance, and a well-running engine is best coupled with an sleek body. Cap off your restoration project with wax and polish. Not only will your bike look great, the combination of a better performing engine and a made-up appearance will give your motorcycle that fresh off-the-lot feeling again.

chrome-plated engine of motorcycle

Authored By:
Joe Hurley ‘Jumpin’ Joe has been working on motorcycles since he was 12 years old and writing about them since he was old enough to ride.

Freedom Riders

Express your love and freedom with your story; submit your story today! Tell us your story of meeting new friends, learning to ride, and any other story that has to do with motorcycles. We will publish each story in the correct category Men and Women Freedom Riders for everyone to read. Keep us updated on your adventures from life, and experiences while riding. There is nothing better than reading a great biker story with a coffee in the morning.

Submit your story today!

Freedom Riders

Harley Davidson Dyna Custom

A day I probably spend about 1 hours looking at custom bikes out of my schedule. I love to read about motorcycles, and their customizations. Taking one bike and representing it as another bike, which is the goal of presenting the best custom motorcycle. Today’s custom Harley Davidson Dyna is made by Roland Sands Designs. The way they have maintained the view of the bike so it does not jump far away from its original design and is far best of their work?

Custom Dyna Harley Davidson

Custom Dyna Harley Davidson

Motorcycle Fished Out After 56 Years

The story of sunken 1938 NSU 251 OSL.

Have you experienced the joy of being reunited with your motorcycle? I have not, but if you count traveling away from home, then yes. However, that is not the same experience as Dean, had with his motorcycle. The motorcycle was fished out from a lake in Minnesota, and it is almost 56 years after the German motorcycle sank to the bottom of the lake. Motorcycle was bought in 1956, by Wyman Ailie for his son Dean. During the winter season Dean was coming back from his friends house and decided to take a shortcut across frozen surface of Big Swan Lake in Dassel, Minnesota. Even that Dean was careful the ice cracked under him and his ride fell into the water. Ailie was rescued by fisherman, and his leather jacket that kept him from drowning. Last month on November 29th, 2012 the motorcycle was fished out by commercial fisherman. Now Ailie is 71 and lives near by the lake, and has been reunited with his motorcycle.

Sunken 1938 nsu-251-osl-1



Ho! Ho! Ho! Tracking Santa

Waiting for Santa? Track Santa’s sled with Google Santa Tracker or NORAD Santa Tracker. Help your kids explore the road with Santa. You can let your kids watch Santa travel to different places, and watch for highlights of the world. For example, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and much more; kids can learn about the world with Santa. I prefer Google Santa Tracker over the NORAD Santa tracker, with the following reasons:

  • Packed with Fun and Games
  • Packed with Educational Interaction
  • Includes Real Time Tracking
  • Option to Track Santa, Play and Learn
  • Send Personal Letter to Your Loved One’s


Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker

NORAD Santa Tracker

Christmas Is Here!

Merry Christmas from eBikerLeather Crew!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

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