Women To Celebrate 100th Birthday With A Motorcycle Ride

Even thought that Laverne Chance is not preparing for a long journey ride, she plans on celebrating her 100th birthday by riding a motorcycle one more time. She plans on riding her son’s Honda Shadow which will be her first ride in 10 years.

Click here to watch the video.

Laverne Chance to Celebrate 100th Birthday on a Bike [Video]

Road Pickle Motorcycle Bohemia – Where Should Sash & Highway Go Next? You Decide!

Already month long trip, and Sash with Highway are not planning on returning to their home any time soon. About few days ago they have stopped at Gila Bend, AZ. If you live in Gila Bend, AZ check out Spage Age Restaurant along Route 85. The restaurant is equipped with items for space and alien life. Take a look what I mean in the below video of Sash wearing our awesome vest!

Next let’s jump to La Siesta Motel for a great deal of just $60.00 for a cabin with a queen bed, ac, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, shower, cable TV, pool and spa. How does Sash do with interviewing local historian? At the visitors center, in downtown Ajo.

Downtown Tucson, AZ enjoying electric and creative scene on the streets. But the trip is not over it is your time to tell Sash & Highway where to go next! You decide where they will end up!

Post all your comments to http://www.roadpickle.com/2013/05/tuscon-az-question-on-4th-ave.html


Laughlin River Run 2013 Is Here

Are you ready for the largest motorcycle events on the west coast? Join Laughlin River Run on April 24th through 28th. Come and check out the historic route 66, the way it has meant to be seen.

Laughlin River Run


Laughlin River Run Event Registration

Riverside Resort Star View Room

  • Thursday – 9am to 9pm
  • Friday – 8am to 8pm
  • Saturday – 8am to 2pm

Exhibit Area Hours of Operation

Riverside Resort – Edgewater Hotel – Colorado Belle & Golden Nugget

  • Wednesday 12 noon to 8pm
  • Thursday – 10am – 10pm
  • Friday – 10am to 10pm
  • Saturday – 10am to 10pm


  • Travis Tritt at The E Center: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Blood Sweat and Tears with Foghat at Rio Vista Outdoor Amphitheater at Harrah’s Laughlin: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Rad Co.: Tribute to Bad Company at Pavilion Theatre at Tropicana Laughlin: Friday, April 26, 8pm
  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited at The E Center: Saturday, April 27, 8pm
  • The Iron Maidens Female Iron Maiden Tribute at Pavilion Theatre at Tropicana Laughlin: Saturday, April 27, 8pm
  • Mickey Gilley at Riverside Resort & Casino: April 24 at8pm, April 25 at9pm, April 26 at9pm, April 27 at9pm, April 28 at8pm

Special Events


  • American Veterans Charity Poker Run benefiting Tri-State Veterans.
    Register 8:30 – 10 am at the Tropicana Express. $10 minimum donation


  • Custom Bike Show: Main Deck of the Colorado Belle. Register 8am – 10am
    Judging and Public Viewing 11am – 3pm. Awards at Center Circle 3pm
  • Ms. Laughlin River Run Contest: Must be an Official Participant to be eligible.
    Register in the Riverside Resort Star View Room Thursday – Saturday.
    Contest held at the Riverside Resort Outdoor Stage Saturday at 4pm.
  • Early Bird Poker Run: The “Poker Room” at the Colorado Belle. Register from 8:00am – 10:30am. Awards: 4pm at Center Circle

Inspire and Motivate Riders To Wear Helmets

See See Motorcycles is preparing a cool event for bikers to show off their 21 helmets for 2013. What is so special about this event? It is that all 21 helmets are customized by 21 different artists. The past 21 Helmets event was amazing, and encouraged bikers to wear helmets. When you watch the video you will see a wooden helmet, which shows you that you can cross boundaries to create the best. Creating a helmet that is comfortable and appealing to bikers eyes is a challenge. But I am sure that 21 Helmets will have both style, and comfort at the event. No date has been announced for the 21 Helmets but I will keep updating when some information appears on their website.

3RD Daytona Bike Week E-Magazine

If you are not a member of BikerPics.org I strongly suggest registering your membership today! Today I woke up came to work and saw an email from BikerPics.org to check out their 3rd E-Magazine issue on Daytona Bike Week 2013. The 3rd issue is packed with tons of cool pictures for example, wet t-shirt contest, motorcycles, fun at Main Street etc. If you missed Daytona you can always catch up with BikerPics.org.

BikerPics E-Magazines

Flash Back to Daytona Bike Week

If you have missed Daytona Bike Week this year, you can still catch up next year. However, you missed a lot of fun! For example, Indian Motorcycles showing of their new Thunder Stroke 111, and Harley Davidson showing of their new addition to Harley Motorcycles, which is Breakout. There are tons of more events that you have missed. There is always next year, for now enjoy this great selection of Daytona Bike Week 2013 pictures provided by Jack Mcintyre & Chopper Dave from BikerPics.org.

BikerPics.org Pictures

What I really love about BikerPics.org is not only that they have the best, hottest pictures from events but they know how to have a great time. Recently I have noticed that BikerPics.org offers E-Magazines and that grabbed my attention, so I gave my eyes glance at “The Pre Bike Week Issue”. The issue left me speechless, it was harder to take my eyes of motorcycles than the babes. I strongly suggest checking out E-Magazines at BikerPics.org, you will not be sorry that you spend that 10 minutes feasting your eyes on their magazines. FYI… a new issue came out March 15th, and its packed with even better pictures than the first issue.

Another cool event that has happened was Vince & Amanda engagement at Bike Week 2013! Vince proposed to Amanda, and she had no idea what was coming her way. Check out the video below.

Like I said, in the beginning next year is your year to ride on streets of Daytona Beach.  A big thank you to BikerPics.org for keeping up with events at Daytona Bike Week 2013, and for sharing really cool pictures, and videos. I know you want to see more of Daytona Bike Week 2013, that is why I am inviting you to check out BikerPics.org YouTube Channel!

**All picture rights are reserved to BikerPics.org.
**eBikerLeather.com does not own any rights to the pictures provided in this post.

Are You A Real Biker?

While browsing online for motorcycle news, I have stumbled on a cool Go To Quiz website. The website allows you to create your own quiz and share with friends. However, that is not what this tropic will be about. There are many people that ride motorcycles, some call themselves bikers, and some call just motorcycle enthusiasts. Well in my definition a biker is a person that rides year long, or rides down to Daytona or Sturgis instead of using a trailer. A motorcycle enthusiast is a person that rides their motorcycle daily, but not to motorcycle events. I think you catch the drift, so what is your ideal biker score?
Take the test by clicking here, and post your results in comments on our blog. Enjoy!

Below a 96% is my score I took the test couple hours ago.

” You are 96% biker !”
Ride Hard – the spotless new leather outfit & the helmet gave you away.

Ultimate Bike Tuning

Are you a fan of adding L.E.D lights to your motorcycle? You are in luck! We have noticed really cool L.E.D tuning done by Darkside Scientifics. At Daytona Bike Week you are able to see new designs, new improvements, babes, and now L.E.D tuning. L.E.D tuning was around for years; however, it just did not adopt to motorcycles same way as it adopted to cars. If Harley Davidson would have this patent pending approval they would make a lot of money on it instead of the Candy type patent. Tanks, helmets, frame elements, all can be charged up to light up with just a flick of switch or pulse. Check out the video below to see what we mean, that this will be the next cool thing to hit motorcycles.


The Spirit of Munro Powered by Thunder Stroke 111 Engine

Indian Motorcycle company is taking a huge step forward, I have to say that I am impressed, with their actions. As we have mentioned in our previous posts, that Harley will have competition rolling in, and Polaris is not wasting any time to get Victory Motorcycle, and Indian Motorcycles out on the road. Recently Victory Motorcycles introduced their huge trust to bikers. Victory Motorcycles offers bring it back plan, and receive money back; read more here.

Indian Motorcycle

On Saturday evening March 8th, 2013, after presenting thunder stroke 111 to everyone at Daytona Bike Week; Indian Motorcycles had another great surprise announced to the crowd gathered at Dirty Harry’s on Daytona Main Street. Burt Munro motorcycle will be powered by the new Thunder Stroke 111 engine.

Indian Motorcycle

For those who don’t know who Burt Munro is I strongly suggest watching, “The World’s Fastest Indian” movie. It is one of the best motorcycle movies, with no doubt it is a must see before end of 2013. The fact that everyone should know about Burt Munro is that he set a world record at Bonneville in 1967.

Indian Motorcycle

Going back to the motorcycle, Spirit of Munro is fully custom build, all metal tribute to the racers and technicalities during the making of history. Spirit of Munro is a runner, not a display bike, which is great news for Indian Motorcycle fans. The bike was build with help of Jeb Scolman of Jeb’s Metal and speed in Long Beach, California.

Indian Motorcycle

As I was browsing around for more news on Indian Motorcycles, I have stumbled on news that the Spirit of Munro is currently on display at the Daytona International Speedway every day of Daytona Bike Week, and it will take part in the Indian Motorcycle Spring Dash lap of Daytona 200 on March 16th, 2013. Cyril Huze

Image credit goes to BikeExif

New Harley Davidson Breakout

Harley Davidson has unveiled the all new Breakout at Daytona Bike Week in Florida. The new Harley is eye catching, and loaded with premium features. Breakout will feature Twin Cam 103 V-Twin power unit in black trim with chrome accents. Breakout features new classic design, that allows for wide customization. With its big wheels, big paint and classic drag bike attitude meeting premium and modern refinement in this new attention grabbing performance cruiser.

Harley described the new Breakout as, “an urban prowler, a bike ready for a midnight ramble to the roadhouse or an rib joint rendezvous with the crew. Green light? Crack the throttle to deliver a muscle dose of American V-Twin torque and etch the asphalt with fat rear tire.” Cyril Huze

2013 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Breakout® Motorcycles Photos, Videos & 360°

 2013 Harley-Davidson® Softail® Breakout® Motorcycles Photos, Videos & 360°

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