Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories Sale

As Sturgis 2013 comes to an end we hope that everyone had a great time at Sturgis. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one fun week it stretches from activities like drag racing, legends rides, concerts to eating hot dog contests. Now that everyone is starting to come back slowly to the regular life, eBikerLeather has a surprise sale celebrating the end of Sturgis 2013.


That is right all items that are currently in stock at our online store are on sale with 10% off the entire store. Don’t wait and grab your motorcycle gear today!


eBikerLeather Celebrates Memorial Day With Blow Out Store Sale

Memorial Day weekend is a good to find discounts on leather vests, leather jackets, and motorcycle accessories. As you know that the spring is almost over and we are starting to hit summer season, so most of our already low prices are even lower for the Memorial Day Sale. We know your time is valuable to you and us, that is why we start our sales always earlier and let you have the best leather apparel at your Memorial Day party.


Top Gift List For Mother’s Day – Not Your Ordinary Gift List

Mother’s day is a time when mom get’s treated like a queen with extra special care. At times it can be hard to pick the perfect gift for mom’s. Not that mom’s are demanding or required the top notch gift, but her kids always want to out beat each other with gift ideas or do better than the last year. It is a special day not only for mom but also for her kids. Now eBikerLeather team will help you narrow your search terms of perfect mother’s day gift. On our list we have three items that will make mom happy.

The first item is ladies burnout raw edge v-neck t-shirt. The t-shirt is burned to perfection! And mom’s closet is never completed without our burnout tee!

  • All designs are Made In U.S.A!
  • Biker Babe Design
  • Double Rolling Raw Edge On Neck and Sleeve
  • Material – Burnout Fabric 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Care – Machine Wash Cold Water, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low

Click Here for More…

The second item that we know your mother will be happy is ladies halter top with collar.

  • Made From Genuine Leather
  • Braided & Zipper on the Front
  • Classic Style Collar

Click Here for More…

Best part is that both of the items are under $20!

The final and best gift item for your mom is showing some love. It is not another item we are trying to sell to you because its mother’s day. But we are trying to show everyone that no matter how big the gift is mom will be always happy with a hug, flowers, or simply doing something special like laundry, dishes, cleaning the house instead of your mom doing it.

Mother's Day

Ladie’s T-Shirts Posted

With the days passing by each company bring different new items to the market for bikers. The main competition is being number one source for bikers. eBikerLeather introduced their t-shirts to complete with other companies, and to allow bikers enjoy the summer rides. Women short sleeve t-shirts are top sellers during the riding season, with that in mind eBikerLeather is bringing 7 new t-shirts with designs to the market for bikers.

All designs presented on eBikerLeather t-shirts are prepared in United States. Each desigs are printed on the t-shirts at eBikerLeather site. Not only that but eBikerLeather introduced women’s tank tops for this summer collection. But that is not all rumors have it that more eBikerLeather tanks, short sleeve t-shirts and hoodies will be coming in next month. Speaking of women hoodies, which are not ordinary 100% cotton hoodies but stylish burnout women hoodies. Each hoodie has 2-1/2″ raw edge sleeve cuff, and raw edge hood with drawstring and reverse cover stitches.

With each t-shirt, tank top, or hoodie there is a sizing chart provided for your perfect fit. Don’t hesitate and grab one t-shirt today. Our sources state that with each t-shirt eBikerLeather will include a 10$ off coupon code.

Click here to shop.

Women Hoodie Women Tank Top Women Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Motorcycle Journey To Unknown

As Tina and Steve get ready for their 6 months long trip, I was thinking of what they will bring with them on the road. But before they get to pack their bags, I hope they do a check on their motorcycles. I am sure Steve already checked them more than once during the past month. I encourage everyone to do the necessary check for your motorcycles. Your motorcycle was having parked motorcycle syndrome (pms) and so were you! The most important is to remember to check oil, chains, brakes, tire, tire pressure, battery etc. Which remind me recently I spoke with Dusti from Throttlex Batteries; she mentioned that there is a sale till mid March. If your motorcycle does not start up, it is because it’s not powered by Throttlex Batteries. They have shipped my motorcycle battery last year, and I had no problem starting up my motorcycle after pms. Remember to check out Throttlex Batteries and enter BON at the checkout.

ThrottleX Batteries

Coupon for Throttlex Batteries: BON

So now after the check up of the motorcycles is performed; Steve, and Tina are ready for packing. What do you think they should bring on the road? What are your suggestions for them to take on the road?

My suggestions would be, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle vests, motorcycle helmets, motorcycle boots, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle saddlebags, and motorcycle accessories like goggles. All items listed by me can be found on our website by clicking here. Remember that today is the day that eBikerLeather has a huge sale going on, and we want you to give a hard test to our merchandise. Show our jackets, or vests who is the real deal. At the checkout type in BIKEWEEK13 for additional savings. Now let’s not forget to bring a book for nights that they will want to do some reading. Our good friend Joseph from A Growing Family Blog has recently released a great book for the road, called Ride On: “A Motorcycle Journey to Awaken the Soul and Rediscover its Maker”. The book is fun, unique, and yet challenging. What I love most about the book is that it actually has real stories from real bikers. If you have not picked up a copy I suggest clicking here to get your copy today. The book sells for really cheap, and it is a pleasure to read.

eBikerLeather Daytona Bike Week Sale

Coupon for eBikerLeather: BIKEWEEK13

Grabbing all things that are needed  Steve, and Tina are ready to hit the road. Your next stop will be Road Pickle. Road Pickle will be your best buddy for the next 6 months when it comes to motorcycle journey’s. Steve and Tina, will be leaving their home for 6 months, and travel to the unknown.

Sharing Sale Secrets

Are you looking for motorcycle apparel? You have come to the right place. Our huge selection of motorcycle apparel for men and women is growing rapidly. Enough about our collection, since you can check that out in no time. I have heard that there will be a SALE happening 3/14/2013, when I was passing by the marketing office. So if you were trying to buy something today, hold on till 3/14/2013 and then buy it with extra savings!  Spread the word out that eBikerLeather will have a SALE on 3/14/2013!

Personally we are not supposed to tell our customers about sales, due to high amount of orders. However, I figured that I would spoil the sale with telling everyone before, and save some money in your pocket. The promo code will be featured on home page of . Get ready to rumble and let’s celebrate Daytona Bike Week 2013 the way it should be celebrated!

Get your savings on, and celebrate Daytona Bike Week 2013 with us!

eBikerLeather Daytona Bike Week Sale

President’s Day Sale

Enjoy your day off with our savings on President’s Day. Huge selection of motorcycle apparel, and biker accessories for everyone. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Let’s go shopping…

President's Day Sale

Motorcycle Valentines Gifts Ideas

Perfect Gift for Her

On valentine’s day you can get your loved one anything you feel is enough to tell them you love them. However, over the years I have thought of getting a perfect gift would be buying the most expensive jewelry or any other accessory. But what I have found the most thoughtful gift of all of them is making something special for someone. So instead of buying things for high prices, and never using them again I have decided to make something this year.

Perfect Gift for Him

Biker’s are different, and a handmade gift won’t be the best choice to go with. Ladies you should take some time and dig in to our collection of motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle accessories. Including add a hunt for the valentine gift. For example you can hide it on his bike, or anywhere depending on the size. Don’t wait till the last minute, and get a gift for him from store.

Valentine Day

Valentine Day


Gift List for Bikers

As I have stated in my previous post, it is hard to get your loved ones a thoughtful gift without them knowing. Our crew has prepared a top notch list for your shopping! It goes way back till June, they were comparing and adding products to the list that were purchased mostly during the month. Check out our list, and make shopping easier for yourself and your family. This list will be posted in Trending @ eBikerLeather for your references until Christmas. The list is pretty long, but it is split into categories for easier search.

To find any of our products go to and paste the item number in our search box located under our logo. Example : (Item #: BSK000)

For Her:
Women Halter Tops, Shorts, Bra’s, Panty

  1. Ladies halter top with collar and braid zipper front. (Item #: BSK928)
  2. Ladies short with side laces, zipper in back, laces on front. (Item #: BSK952)
  3. Ladies short with braid on top (Item #: BSK963)
  4. Ladies short with stud and fringe (Item #: BSK965)
  5. Ladies leather panty with chain (Item #: BSK934)
  6. Ladies Leather thong with zipper (Item #: BSK937)
  7. Ladies halter bra with fringes (Item #: BSK920)
  8. Ladies Pink Halter Top (Item #: BSK918-PINK)

Women Leather Motorcycle Jacket

  1. Ladies jacket with zip out lining (Item #: BLJ212)
  2. Ladies Textile Jacket w/ Pink Hoodie (Item #: BLJ7010-CC)
  3. Ladies heavy leather MC Jacket zip out lining w/braid gather sides (Item #: BLJ249-SS)

Women Leather Racer Jackets

  1. Ladies leather racer jacket with a pink stripe and double silver stripe w/reflector,2 pockets (Item #: BLJ238-SS)
  2. Ladies leather racer jacket with double pink stripes, z/o lining, air vents front & back, vertical (Item #: BLJ263-SS)
  3. Ladies leather racer jacket with a pink stripe and double silver stripe w/ reflector, 2 side pockets ( Item #:BLJ238)

Women Leather Vests

  1. Ladies vest with beads, bone, braid and fringe with snaps (Item #: BLV428)
  2. Ladies vest with braid front and back (Item #: BLV445)
  3. Ladies vest with vertical braid front & back, V-Lace on back (Item #: BLV225)
  4. Ladies Traditional Plain Vest w/ Snaps (Item #: BLV8502)
  5. Ladies top dark brown with beads, bone, braid and fringe (Item #: BLV432)

Women Chaps & Pants

  1. Pink Braided chaps leather covered zipper with flap, with mesh lining, (Item #: BC326-PINK)
  2. Ladies’ Naked Cowhide Leather Chaps with Studs (Item #: BC329-01)
  3. Ladies’ Hip-Hugger Leather Pants (Item #: BC503)
  4. Ladies Leather Chaps with Studs and Beaded Fringe (Item #: BC324)
  5. Dream Catcher Ladies Chaps with Bone, Beads and Fringes (Item #: BC323)

Women Funny Packs & Purses

  1. Backpack bag with logo (Item #: BAC1014)
  2. Ladies black rose inlay purse large (Item #: BAC2002)
  3. Ladies purple rose Inlay purse small (Item #: BAC2010)
  4. Ladies back pack with studs and buckle fold over flap (Item #: BAC1021)
  5. Ladies red rose inlay purse large (Item #: BAC2001)

Women Denim

  1. Ladies natural denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-Natural)
  2. Ladies pink denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-PINK)
  3. Ladies purple denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Items #: BLSL-PURPLE)
  4. Ladies white denim sleeveless shirt w/ buttons (Item #: BLSL-WHITE)

Women Leather Gloves

  1. Ladies full finger gloves (Item #: BGL2078)
  2. Ladies full finger gloves with fringes (Item #: BGL2082)
  3. Ladies gloves with eagle (Item #: BGL2077)

Women Boots

  1. Ladies biker boot with lace up front and side zipper (Item #: BS16-LADIES)
  2. Ladies biker boot with double buckle (Item #: BS11-LADIES)

For Him
Mens Leather Vests

  1. Mens Vest with Side Laces, 2 Front, 2 Inside pockets, Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMV303, BMV303-04)
  2. Mens Plain Vest Black, 2 Front, 2 Inside Pockets, Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMV302, BMV302-04)
  3. Mens Leather Vest w/ Velcro Straps (Item #: BMV315)
  4. Mens No Collar Leather club Vest w/ red liner (Item #: BMV8002-11)
  5. Mens NO Collar Leather club Vest w/ black liner (Item #: BMV8008-11)
  6. Men’s Leather Motorcycle Club Vest (Item #: BMV8001-11)

Mens Motorcycle Jackets

  1. Men’s Racer Jacket with Gathered Sides and Reflective Piping (Item #: BMJ790-SS)
  2. Mens MC Jkt Z/O Lining & Naked Cowhide Leather (Item #: BMJ202-01)
  3. Mens Naked Cowhide Leather Jacket w/ Air vents & Z/o Lining w/ Reflector on front & back (Item #: BMJ814)
  4. Mens naked racer jacket air vents, gather sides,cowhide leather, double zipper front as shown (Item #: BMJ800-01)
  5. Racer Jacket with Reflective Piping & Zip-Out Lining (Item #: BMJ780-BLACK)

Mens Racer Jackets

  1. Mens Naked Cowhide Racer Air vent Jacket, with padding, side belt, Z/O lining long back (Item #: BMJ802-01)
  2. Racer Jacket with Reflective Piping & Zip-Out Lining (Item #: BMJ700-BLACK)
  3. Mens racer jacket with air vents front and back 2 silver stripes front and heavy duty soft leather (Item #: BMJ779-SSLVR)
  4. Mens Premium Naked Cowhide Leather Racer Skull Jacket (Item #: BMJ815)

Mens Chaps & Pants

  1. Braid & fringe chaps adjustable gather in thigh with mesh lining (Item #: BCC337)
  2. Chap with braid and adjustable gather in thigh (Item #: BCC336)
  3. Men’s 5-Pocket Leather Pants (Item #: BC500)
  4. Men’s Naked Cowhide Leather Chap Pants with Side Zippers (Item #: BC1001-01)

Mens Leather Gloves

  1. Fingerless Gloves with Orange Flames (Item #: BGL2017)
  2. All leather rain cover gauntlet glove with Velcro strap w/ lining (Item #: BGL2066)
  3. Men’s Padded Leather & Mesh Racing Gloves w/ Hard Knuckle Protector (Item #: GLZ16)
  4. Men’s Padded Leather Racing Gloves w/ Hard Knuckle Protector (Item #: GLZ6)
  5. All leather long summer gauntlet glove with Velcro strap, lining (Item #: BGL2052)
  6. All leather long summer gauntlet glove with Velcro strap, lining (Item #: BGL2052)
  7. Leather Gauntlet Motorcycle Glove with Lining (Item #: BGL2074)

Mens Boots

  1. Men’s biker boot with eagle at ankle (Item #: BS13-REGULAR)
  2. Men’s biker boot with double buckle (Item #: BS11-EEE)

For Her & Him
Pants Keepers

  1. Buffalo Nickel Boot Clips (Item #: PK-4)
  2. Eagle Boot Clip (Item #: PK-10)
  3. POW Boot Clip (Item #: PK-7)

Motorcycle Boot Chains

  1. Dead Man Hand Boot Chain (Item #: BBC-20)
  2. Skull Boot Chain (Item #: BCC-10)
  3. USA Eagle Boot Chain (Item #: BBC-15)

Motorcycle Helmets

  1. 200 Black Shiny Helmet (Item #: B200-BLACK-SHINY)
  2. 200 Boneyard Silver DOT Helmet (Item #: B200-BONEYARD_SILVER)
  3. Black Chrome Eagle Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BHC101-01)
  4. Black Chrome Jockey / Hawk Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BHC104-01)
  5. Smokey Shiny Novelty Helmet (Item #: BH406)

Motorcycle Saddlebags

Since we have so many that go head to head in selling, we have decided to put them in a Best Selling Category on our website. Click here to see Saddlebags.


Accessories are pretty much head to head as well, so in order to make it easier for our customers we will point you directly to category page by clicking here.

Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift Ideas

Cyber Monday at eBikerLeather

I gave it a try and did some shopping on Cyber Monday at 12:00 a.m. Est. It was not hard to stay up till that time, but it was harder to fall asleep later. Some great deals I got was a 100$ off on Asus TF300, I originally was shopping for Ipad, but the prices have not dropped. But enough about that, let’s move on to business.

You know how you always say that you hate Mondays? We will change that for you! We are starting our Monday with cyber sale. Yes, a huge blow out sale on everything in the store. We don’t want the items sitting in our warehouse. We are offering 15% off for any purchase on Monday, and Tuesday!

Grab your coupon and start saving. Promo Code – CYBERMONDAY

Cyber Monday at

Cyber Monday at 15% off entire store!

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